Atlassian Introduces JiraWork Management, Opens its Jira Platform to all Business Teams

Atlassian, the Australian software company, announced the launch of JiraWork Management, a new version of its Jira project management solution. Unlike the previous versions of Jira that primarily catered to the needs of software developers, the new workplace management platform supports all business teams. 

The platform allows different enterprise departments such as marketing, finance, HR, and design to manage their work efficiently. If needed, the software also allows them to link their work with that of other technical departments. 

Over the past couple of years, businesses are being compelled to squeeze their multi-year digital transformation plans into months or weeks. As a result, companies are in dire need of business tools that allow them to do that and facilitate collaborative work. JiraWork Management addresses this roadblock and provides a well-rounded platform for improved collaborations between teams. 

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Atlassian rolls out new products

For the past few years, Atlassian has stayed put on making Jira more accessible to other business teams apart from software developers. After the launch of Jira Core and Jira Service Management, Atlassian moved closer to achieving its goal. 

JiraWork Management goes beyond and is tipped to be a replacement for Jira Core. 

Apart from introducing JiraWork Management, Atlassian also announced the launch of Point A, a program to develop new products by collaborating with customers. 

More about JiraWork Management 

Today, companies are scrambling towards digital transformation, and in that process, they have started to realize the importance of effective collaboration with different teams. The non-technical and technical teams are required to work together more closely than before. 

The increasing demand for digital teamwork along with the rising adoption of Jira outside the IT space were the two main factors that promoted the company to roll out JiraWork Management.

JiraWork Management enables business teams to collaborate and work together efficiently. With the new platform, Atlassian aims to simplify task management and tracking for all business teams. While developing this tool, the company has taken into account the different user interface expectations of different teams. 

Although JiraWork Management comes with all the key automation features of Jira Software, the user interface has been tweaked to suit members from different teams.


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