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Does your company use a Human Resource Management System (HRMS)? If not, are you wondering whether the investment in such a system is worth your time and money? Yes, it is. This is because HRMS is an integrated system which allows you to keep track of all employees and information about them. The data stored here can range from employee demographics, leave tracking, to performance evaluation. Along with having an up-to-date database of your staff, an HRM system can be beneficial in various ways such as:

  • Accelerating and simplifying recruitment processes
  • Monitoring KPIs
  • Fast payroll processing
  • Reducing redundant data entry and processes
  • Managing employees effectively

So, from onboarding to evaluating performance, you can use one tool to manage an employee’s entire life cycle at your organization. Doesn’t this seem like a worthwhile investment? Well, if you are considering opting for such a tool, you should check out Freshteam.

Freshteam combines the power of applicant tracking systems and recruitment applications in one interface. Simple yet intuitive, this platform is ideal for hiring managers, freelance recruiters, and other professionals to find top-notch candidates.

Found in 2010, this platform is used by over 2000 businesses across the globe. Read our in-depth Freshteam tool review to find out why it is an industry-favorite and if it matches your business requirements. Let’s get started.

Vendor details

  • Freshworks
  • Founded in 2010
  • Located in United States

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Key Metrics of Freshteams

1. Manage every hiring operation on a single dashboard

With Freshteam, HR managers get full control over the hiring process and can manage all recruiting responsibilities from a single dashboard. The in-built system makes it easy to acquaint new joiners with HR rules and policies. Also, it brings all employee information (resumes, emails, feedback, notes, etc.) under the same roof.

2. Update and share job postings

With this tool, you can design and describe job postings, and share them on internal portals and career websites. Here, you can either choose attractive and modifiable templates or create a brand new listing with detailed descriptions. Plus, you can associate each vacancy with a chosen hiring team for maximum transparency. 

3. Build a new team with efficient candidate sourcing

Freshteam is more than just managing your team. You can use this tool to build a new team as well. From advertising your brand on a mobile-friendly career site to using it to share vacant positions on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, Freshteam helps you do it all. Moreover, you can manage employee referrals, embed job listings directly on your website, build custom tracking links, and much more.

4. Easy to use and understand

Freshteam is easy to start in. You can sign up for a free trial and get started within just 5 minutes. Choosing any software or application depends on how easy and quick it is to understand and use, instead of spending time on further training or engaging a person to manage it. And, with Freshteam, you can do just that.

5. 24*7 support

Freshteam is available all-time and through all the available channels. The best support is that you don’t need to wait for the fixed timings to reach out to sort out issues. You won’t find the same feature in most of the other HRM tools. So, every time you have a doubt, all you need to do is drop an email.

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Leave Management System

  • Approval Process Control
  • Calendar Management
  • Leave & Absence Reporting
  • Leave Policy Management
  • Self Service Portal

Applicant Tracking

  • Assessments
  • Candidate Tracking
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Job Posting
  • Onboarding
  • Resume Parsing
  • Resume Search
  • Workflow Management

Human Resource

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Database
  • Employee Profiles
  • Onboarding
  • Recruitment Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Time Off Management


  • Document Management
  • E-Verify/I-9 Forms
  • Electronic Forms
  • Electronic Signature
  • Employee Handbook
  • Job Description Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Task Management

Organization Chart

  • Photos / Images
  • Revision History
  • Data Import / Export
  • Interactive Elements


  • Interview Management
  • Job Posting
  • Job Requisition
  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting Firms
  • Resume Parsing
  • Assessments

Talent Management

  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Onboarding
  • Recruitment Management
  • Succession Planning

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By now, you must be familiar with the key metrics of this HR automation tool, let’s look at its plans. The price of every module depends on the number of users and the type of pricing type (monthly or annual) you select. The more the functions, the more you will have to pay for this software! You can choose from four plans; each with a different set of features and price. Let’s look at which program will suit your budget and requirements the most.

A. Sprout for free

Number of employees: Up to 50

Features include:

  •  Up to 3 published job postings
  •  Recruitment Team Inbox
  •  Basic Career Site
  •  Email Integration
  •  Kanban Boards for applicant tracking
  •  Team collaboration
  •  Candidate Application via Email
  •  Employee Referral
  •  Employee Directory
  •  Organization Chart
  •  Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  •  Basic Time Off Management

B. Blossom for $50/month

Number of users: 50

Features include:

Everything in Sprout and

  •  Up to 10 published job postings
  •  Customizable Career Site
  •  Custom Interview Scorecards and Kits
  •  Custom Hiring Pipelines
  •  Vendor Management
  •  Autopilot (Recruiting Automations)
  •  Interview Scheduling with Google & Outlook Calendar
  •  Resume Parsing Credits – 10X User Count
  •  Manage unlimited employee documents
  •  Job board Integrations
  •  Time Off Approval Workflows
  •  Up to 2 Holiday Calendars
  •  Up to 2 Time Off Policies
  •  Phone, Email & Chat Support

C. Garden for $100/month

Number of users: 50

Features include:

Everything in Blossom and

  •  Unlimited job postings
  •  Advanced Career Site Customizations
  •  Social Recruiting
  •  Talent Pool Management
  •  Offer Management
  •  Resume Parsing Credits – 20X User Count
  •  Multiple Language Support
  •  Job Requisition Management
  •  New Hire Onboarding
  •  Onboarding and Offboarding Checklist (Upto 1)
  •  Pre-Onboarding Data Collection & Welcome Kit
  •  Onboarding Checklist
  •  Unlimited Holiday Calendars
  •  Numerous Office Locations in HRIS
  •  Unlimited Webhook Requests
  •  Sponsored Job Postings on Indeed

D. Estate for $200/month

Everything in Garden and

  •  Resume Parsing Credits – 30X User Count
  •  Custom User Roles
  •  Unlimited Onboarding and Offboarding checklists
  •  Access Restrictions based on IP Address
  •  Custom URL & SSL Certificate
  •  Dedicated Account Manager

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Pros and cons

Just like any other software, there are a few disadvantages to this tool too. Based on the feedback shared by Freshteam users, we have compiled a list of pros and cons.

  • Simple and intuitive interface

Freshteam has made site easy to understand and obvious. This helps users complete tasks much faster than traditional ATS systems.

  • Customer Service

The customer service is extremely fast, very attentive, and they smooth out the bumps in the road. Whenever users have a doubt, it is resolved within no time.

  • Pricing

Most of the users believe that Freshteam offers affordable pricing plans. Whether you run a startup or a large enterprise, this HRM tool has got something for every business type.

  • Limited users

As this tool only offers 50 users, managers cannot add all their team members. Due to this, teams often have to share an email account. This makes it hard to keep track of all employees.

  • Integration

The integration of email within Freshteam is not the easiest and can be improved.

  • Slow loading speed

Often the CVs don’t load; all users see is an empty white box & you have to keep refreshing. Also, you might get some code error when trying to download or open CVs.

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The integration of email within Freshteam is not the easiest and can be improved.

Slow loading speed

Often the CVs don’t load; all users see is an empty white box & you have to keep refreshing. Also, you might get some code error when trying to download or open CVs. 

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Freshteam Integrations

To get the most of your human resource management, integrate this platform with your social media accounts, payment apps and more. The following are some of the top categories you can connect this tool with:

  • Google Calendar to allow calendar sync
  • Gmail for personal email sync
  • Single sign on with Google and LinkedIn
  • HackerRank
  • ClassMarker
  • Codility
  • HackerEarth
  • Skype Interviews
  • CodePair
  • Google Hangouts
  • Freshdesk
  • Freshservice
  • Freshsales
  • Freshcaller

Job Boards

  • Glassdoor
  • Adzuna
  • Ziprecruiter
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed

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Free Trial- Yes


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Mobile – Android Native


  • Documentation
  • Webinars
  • Live Online

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  1. Online
  2. Business Hours
  3. 24/7 (Live Rep)

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Awards/ Accolades/ Certifications

Over the years, Freshteam has gained several awards. The latest ones received by them in the year 2019 are mentioned below.

    • Expert’s Choice 2019 Award by FinancesOnline
    • Great User Experience 2019 Award by FinancesOnline
    • Supreme Software 2019 Award by FinancesOnline

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What are the Freshteam users saying?

Since Freshteam has been on the market for quite some time now, several users have shared their feedback. Mentioned below is how some users feel about using this human automation tool.

1. Jonathan M.- “A good choice for beginners.”

IT Administrator
Used the software for 6-12 months
Reviewer source: Capterra

Overall score- 5/5
Ease of Use- 5 / 5
Features & Functionality- 5 / 5
Customer Support- 5 / 5
Value for Money- 5 / 5

Freshteam has helped our HR team improve our tracking and database. I would recommend this HRM software to everyone.


What I like about this automation tool is that its interface is sleek and intuitive. It’s easy to set up and get an Org Chart started and build an employee directory. Plus, you can create a customized database and remove fields irrelevant to your needs.


As each user needs an individual email account, it is hard to track teams where employees only use a shared account. Also, you cannot customize the little overview cards for employees easily. Due to this, you can end up with irrelevant information showing there.

2. Allen S.- “Another great offering by Freshworks.”
Head of Customer Success
Used the software for 12-24 months
Reviewer source: Capterra

Overall score- 4/5
Ease of Use- 5 / 5
Features & Functionality- 5 / 5
Customer Support- 5 / 5
Value for Money- 5 / 5


My experience with Freshteam has been very positive to date. I have even recommended it to my clients on several occasions.


As an executive, I am a fan of most of Freshworks offerings and have extensive experience in the ATS space. After using numerous ATS solutions over the years, I can assuringly say you cannot go wrong with Freshteam. Whether it is an intuitive interface or third-party integrations, this software is working on new updates frequently. The affordable price makes it a right choice for all kinds of businesses.


I believe some UI areas could use some work and a larger team to the knowledge-base support side of things.

3. Richard E.- “This is the easiest ATS I’ve ever used.”
Used the software for 6 months
Reviewer source: Capterra

Overall score- 4/5
Ease of Use- 5 / 5
Features & Functionality- 5 / 5
Customer Support- 5 / 5
Value for Money- 5 / 5


This software has reduced my time to hire, cost per hire, and improved the quality of candidates.


Freshteam is agile and intuitive. While using a generic ATS, you have to go through multiple clicks to achieve something. But, Freshteam has made the site so obvious that it helps me complete tasks much faster without spending too much time in understanding the site.


As this is still an evolving product, my biggest gripe was the lack of integration with third-party job payment sites. I want the team to work on this as it can really make my work easier.

Free Trial
Supported Devices
Cloud Hosted
Cloud, SaaS, Web
Mobile – Android Native
Mobile – iOS Native
On Premise
Open API
Language Support
Pricing Model
Monthly payment
Annual Subscription
In Person
Live Online
Customer Types
Small Business
Medium Enterprises
Large Corporations
Business Hours
24/7 (Live Rep)
Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Automation
Integration: SutiHR can be integrated with external products such as eSignature, Payroll, Survey, Helpdesk, and multiple Job portals.
8.5 Total Score
1 reviews
"Freshteam Makes Life Easy"

Freshteam is the perfect HR software for growing business. With Freshteam, you can attract, hire and onboard new hires, offboard exiting employees, manage employee information and time off - all in one place.

8.5Editor's score
8.7User's score
  • Keeping track of Candidates, Collecting and documenting the feedback for each candidate is very easy. Scheduling the interviews assisted by automated mail also helps in saving time. The search option for saved candidates and the automation of data collection by uploading the soft copies of the candidate's CV makes it very helpful.
  • It would great if the company website could be Integrated into freshteam where applicants could be automatically saved in freshteam. Sometimes the notification for scheduling goes to the wrong person. The automated mail needs to be edited every single time for some minute changes likes first letter caps etc.
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