7 Best Online CRM Software in 2021

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Which is the best online CRM software in 2021? Which CRM website can I trust while choosing a tool for my company? Which online CRM tool is the best for small businesses?

These are some of the most common queries raised by customers online. Today, hundreds of vendors provide the best CRM solutions loaded with powerful features. However, putting your finger down on a single tool requires certainty and confidence. 

You can either conduct your own research or turn towards our tool reviews to make that choice. Choosing an online CRM software is the last stage of the entire process. Before you get there, you need to identify the bottlenecks within your business you want to eliminate. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an important part of running a successful business. Today, CRM is also referred to as a tool that aids companies build strong customer relationships. 

These solutions are designed to assist organizations to attain their customer relationship management goals. Such tools are primarily responsible for organizing and managing different clients, business contacts, leads, employees, and contract wins. 

Over the past few years, since the demand for personalized customer service has increased, CRM vendors are increasingly focusing on rolling out features that enable that. 

Best Online CRM Software

There are multiple reasons for investing in CRM software. To find out which CRM solutions are running the show in 2021, consider the following tools mentioned below. 

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is one of the most popular brands in the internet marketing ecosystem. The company has garnered considerable popularity due to its sales and inbound marketing software. 

HubSpot CRM is a free-to-use CRM software that is primarily developed for small businesses. Users can explore the tool’s various features to streamline lead and customer management. 

Prominent features:

  • Self-service portal
  • Email response control
  • Live chat
  • Performance metrics
  • Customer segmentation

Salesforce Sales Cloud

If you are looking for a CRM online that helps you close deals in a jiffy, Salesforce Sales Cloud is a tool you should consider. 

The tool is designed to enable companies of all sizes to make smarter decisions, accelerate sales, and automate tasks. 

Prominent features:

  • Customizable reports
  • Workflow automation
  • Sales opportunity management
  • Lead management
  • Dashboards

Zoho CRM

Today, Zoho has a customer base of more than 40 million customers around the world. The vendor provides a full range of robust software solutions for businesses operating in different industries. 

It is one of the best multichannel CRM tools that allow users to interact with customers through live chat, social media, call, or email. You can also integrate Zoho with third-party applications to analyze the key performance indicators. 

Prominent features:

  • Email response
  • Live chat
  • Customer service analytics
  • Knowledge management
  • Performance metrics


If you love working with Google applications, you will like Copper. Users can seamlessly work with G Suite and Copper’s tools on this platform. This takes away the pain of making manual data entries from one application to another. 

We recommend using Copper if you wish to sync your tasks with Google applications. It is probably the only CRM tool recommended by Google. 

Prominent features:

  • Email response control
  • Self-service portal
  • Search
  • Customer support tracking
  • Cataloging

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of the easiest cloud-based CRM solutions you will find. Besides you can access it from any device from any location at any given time. It is a well-rounded solution that has all the key features you are looking for in a CRM platform. 

Prominent features:

  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Social suite
  • Self-service portal
  • Knowledge management

Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 is a popular CRM software that is particularly useful for small to medium-sized businesses. It is designed to facilitate seamless team communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and social networking. 

It is a perfect tool to transfer data from network silos to local drives and eventually to a central database. 

Prominent features:

  • Analytics
  • Team collaboration
  • Email response 
  • Lead management
  • Customer service

Really Simple Systems CRM

Really Simple Systems CRM is an ideal CRM solution for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for easy-to-use software to manage sales and marketing. 

It is extensively used by companies that have offices in multiple countries and a remote workforce.

Prominent features:

  • Pipeline management
  • Marketing automation
  • Customization
  • Remote working
  • User permission levels

Online CRM Software: FAQs

Customer Relationship

Should I invest in Online CRM Software?

If you want to stay relevant and compete in today’s business environment, then yes, you should consider investing in a CRM tool. Besides, you can reduce workforce costs by nearly 30 to 40 percent. 

Apart from offering cost benefits, an online CRM website or a solution also optimizes your pre-sales and post-sales processes via email marketing. Thus, considering the benefits provided by a CRM, you should invest in a CRM. 

What is the price of a CRM tool?

The price of a CRM tool varies from vendor to vendor. While most vendors provide pricing details on their website, you can also find pricing information for each tool in our tool reviews. 

How does a CRM improve customer support?

Almost all CRM software comes with numerous features that enable companies to enhance customer support. In fact, a lot of CRM tools are integrated with solutions that facilitate seamless communication between companies and their clients. 

Choose Wisely!

Remember! Every business is unique and has different needs. The one-size-fits-all approach does not apply when you are shopping for online CRM software. 

It is better to think about what your sales reps are looking for in a business tool. In addition, identify which areas within your sales process you are keen on optimizing. 

Apart from these major considerations, look for a tool that can seamlessly integrate with your current marketing automation, email marketing, and financial reporting software.

To help you choose the right tool for your business, you can go through our in-depth tool reviews of various CRM solutions. 

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